House of Music – Cortile d’Onore 9pm 

By the Robi Bonardi Mind Association 
For info: – 0521 031170 As part of the  Superba è la Notte event , organized by the  Culture Sector of the Municipality of Parma – Casa della Musica , Voce Donna returns on  Monday 28 August at  9pm , organized by the Robi Bonardi Mind Association : a vocal and musical event which will allow us to applaud the most beautiful, original and interesting voices of our artistic panorama, passing through a whole series of singing tributes of enormous impact and involvement, completely dedicated to the female interpretations of yesterday and today. On stage the extraordinary voices of Jackie Perkins, Serena Carpi, Ross Volta, Alessia Galeotti, Veronica Costa will alternate, performing songs by international performers, from Tina Turner to Mia Martini, from Prince to Ornella Vannoni, spanning songs from Joni Mitchell to Burt Bacharach. Accompanied, supported and orchestrated by the sounds and arrangements of  Luca Savazzi, Stefano Carrara, Andrea Satomi Bertorelli, Michele Morari .The 2023 edition will also see the participation of  Ape Regina  and  Cristina Cogoi, Antonella Valentini, Fabrizia Dalcò, Alma Saporito  who will perform some readings of their texts. WOMEN’S VOICE 2023 Luca Savazzi , musical director Andrea Satomi Bertorelli , keyboards Michele Morari , drums Stefano Carrara , double bass

Jackie Perkins, Serena Carpi, Ross Volta, Alessia Galeotti, Veronica Costa , voices